The LIMOS-UMR 6158 (Informatics Laboratory of Systems Optimisation and Modelisation) is a Mixed Unity of Research of the CNRS dependent on the Department ST2I. Linked to the 2 universities of Clermont-Ferrand (University of Auvergne - Clermont1 et University Blaise Pascal - Clermont2) and to the school IFMA, it incorporates researchers of many section of NUC (National Universities Council): 26, 27, and 61.


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The GReD laboratory (Genetics, Reproduction et Development) search to understand molecular and cellular mechanisms which control the formation of an eukaryotic organism from an inseminated egg. The CNRS (UMR6293), the INSERM (U1103) and both Universities of Clermont-Ferrand (University of Auvergne and University Blaise Pascal) contribute to the finances of its 10 research teams.


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